27. January 2014 - Some lettering for invitations


09. January 2014 - One day in Wiesbaden

Had a nice day in Wiesbaden. It has a beautiful old city and I can totally recommend the little restaurant soupa in the centrum.

05. January 2014 - Total wellness in Denmark

23. December 2013 - Christmas greetingcard for KRIWET Projectmanagement

02. December 2013 - Christmas is coming

Although Dezember just startet, I´m aready in the Christmas mood! Decorate the flat and bake heaps of biskuits and cookies. A few impressions...

25. November 2013 - Wine and cheeeeeeeeese

We had a georgeous and delicate evening with our lovely neighbour Lea. We can totally recommend the wine Karlo from the Pfalz, Germany.

20. November 2013 - miamamia what a coffee!

It seems to be that miamamia has not only the most beautiful coffee, they sell also one of the best coffees my friend and I ever had (and other delicious food). You can find miamamia one time in Düsseldorf and two times in Essen.

16. November 2013 - celebrate as before

We celebrate one of the best parties this year. A friend of mine had the idea of organize a party like we always did years before. Which was totally succesful. Thus I met heaps of old friends and rocked the dancefloor...

10. November 2013 - Surprised of the beauty of Bremen

After I was quite disappointed from my visit in Kiel (apart from the georgeous restaurant Längengrad next to the water), I´m totally amazed how beautiful the old city of Bremen is. Here a few of my favourite shoots:

09. November 2013 - Cocktail mixing with friends

Had a really funny cocktailnight with friends. This delicious one we called MysticDaiquiri.
half glass of frozen rasberrys
4cl Prosecco dry
2 tablespoons brown sugar
juice of a half lime 
crushed ice
cutted melon, apple, lime and straw


02. October 2013 - wonderful harvest this year

With a friend of mine we went picking apples, pears and plums. The trees were full of it! Thus we made marmelade, cake and jam with the fruits an potted some as well. Really delicious and healthy. A really good feeling harvesting and preparing by your own;) On the farmers market at the weekend we saw heaps of pumkins and other typical autumn fruits and vegetables.

27. September 2013 - cranberry-cherry birthdaycake

Baking a delicious cake with cranberrys and cherrys inside. Seems that it was delicious. The cake was eaten in the end of the day :D

31. August 2013 - Amazing coffee in Kiel

Had one of my best coffees ever during a short time in Kiel. Heynck´s Coffee&Tea Roastery made delicious "Sanfter Engel" milk coffee.

03. August 2013 - Metris necklace

Love this necklace. It's the font Metris from Daria Jelonek, which is perfekt for accessoires.

23. July 2013 - building a strawpool with friends

This summer is GREAT! Thus my friends and I decided to build our own pool out of straw bundles and tarp. Heaps of fun is garanteed.

23. July 2013 - Finally the type experiment exhibited successfully...

... on the Sichtwerk 2013 in the SANAA building in Essen. Everyone of our team designed his own font and we lasered them in wood. On big print plates, suitable for the letterpress, we glued our laseres letters. The results were framed and look fabulous! Such a cool experiment! More to read about and see on my work - Typetalking.

25. May 2013 - Wooden optic invitation

For the silver wedding of wood lovers Reinhild&Ewald I created the invitation. The crushed paper is foldet sourround the cards as an envelope and supports the rough and elegant design.

13. May 2013 - Exciting type project 'letterpress'

With a pretty cool team of typedesigner we´re working on a modern letterpress version, more later on...

19. May 2013 - Gorgeous Hamburg!

Hamburg is always worth a trip. I´m on the way to a long weekend with friends. Everytime I pass the cranes I get a goose flesh :D

01. April 2013 - Happy Easter!

For my grandmas´coffee table I bake a delicous amaretto-rasberry cake - yummy! For the recipe just send me a mail ;)

23. March 2013 - Finally Bachelor presentation... hooray!

After short 6 month full of work, I finally presented my bachelor thesis 'Emotions - a visualisation' in the SANAA building in Essen. About 50 people were listening to my words, that was pretty cool. Now I´m totally happy and will celebrate ;)